Circular Helix Array

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ed - re: sine wave function

Here you go!

To install it, unzip the attached file and copy the 2 files into the \commands subfolder under MoI's main installation folder, then you need to set up a shortcut key with the command name of SineWave and push that key to trigger the new command.

Everything in this one follows the same process as that previous toroidal helix command.

Note - the resulting curve only has its control points located exactly on the sine wave, the actual curve will follow the control points but not go exactly through them so there is some small deviation from this and a completely accurate sine wave, but it is pretty close.

You can use a higher point count if you want to increase the accuracy, as more points are used, the curve will be closer to the points and become more and more precise to the true sine wave shape.

Hope this helps!

- Michael

(EDIT: original version had a small bug where editing the length did not update, attaching updated fixed version).