From:  Michael Gibson
1489.4 In reply to 1489.1 
Hi Steve, I've attached a new version of Revolve here.

To install it, unzip it and copy the 2 files (Revolve.htm and Revolve.js) over top of the old versions inside of the \commands subfolder in MoI's main installation folder.

This should give you a Revolve command that handles your requests (except for the setting angles with the mouse part, I'm afraid that one will need to wait until later sometime) - you can mess with the angles in another stage after picking the axis, and you can also set a start and end angle, and use negative values.

Here's an example:

The revolve will start at the given "Start angle", then move in a positive angular direction ("right hand rule") until it reaches the End angle. If you want the opposite piece of what you currently have, that is possible by swapping your start and end angles with each other.

The only downside is that with this version in place, a simple 360 degree revolve will take one additional step, because you will now have to push "Done" (or right-click) to accept the values instead of it getting built immediately.

- Michael