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Reset all

Applies a view reset to all viewports.

The first click will reset views to focus in on just the selected objects, and clicking a second time will switch to focusing on everything regardless of selection.

You can also reset all viewports by right-clicking the Reset button inside of an individual viewport.


Allows placement and editing of reference image planes.

Click the Add button to create a new image plane.

After an image has been added, it will show up in the list of all images. An entry in the list can be selected to hide, show, or remove it. Pausing your mouse over top of one entry in the list will show the full path to that image.

The following options are also available and affect all images:

Draw below objects - choosing this option draws images as a backdrop behind everything else.

Draw with objects - this option draws images mixed in as if they were regular objects.

Draw above objects - this option draws images on top of everything else as an overlay. This is intended to be used with transparency, it gives you a way to always see a faint image without objects blocking the way.

Show in all views - shows the image in all viewports.

Show in ortho only - only shows the image in the Top/Front/Right views, not in the 3D view.

Transparency - you can put in a percentage here from 0% (fully opaque with no transparency) to 100% (completely transparent).

Background images are editable while you are inside this command. Click and drag on an image to reposition it. Dragging on a corner frame widget allows scaling of the image, and dragging on the rotation widget allows rotating the image. A click and release on the rotation widget instead of click and drag enables a different rotation mode that shows a 3-wheel rotation gizmo. When that gizmo is enabled you can click and drag on any of the 3 wheels to rotate around any of the 3 axes - click off of a wheel to exit this mode.


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